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Let it Snow ....

February 23, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It’s that time of year again in Wisconsin when people start to really dream of a warm weather vacation or the end of winter altogether! The slippery roads and shoveling snow start to  become chores everyone wants to end. And while I can relate - especially after a very close call on a slippery highway today … there is something magical and irresistible about the season that draws me in year after year and makes it hard for me to imagine living anywhere else. 

That feeling of anticipation for the snow to come, watching weather reports and updates, until finally the snow is here! Sheer happiness, especially if its the weekend or a day off. That invigorating feeling of stepping outside, bundled up and warm with time to spare. Nothing compares to a winter walk in the woods, following a fresh snowfall.  Sounds  are muted by the deep snow blanketing the evergreens, everything white and glistening and clean. Landscapes are transformed and I find myself conscious of the sunlight and the way the light transforms the scene before me. I’m aware of lines, shadows, and shapes not noticed at other times of the year. I feel my heart rate slow, stress evaporating. I can’t help but feel a sense of gratitude and joy for being where I am at that particular moment.  Simply clomping through the snow in furry ,warm, Uggs, one step at a time, seeking out the perfect elements for my photo. Then if all comes together, and by the Grace of God, the shutter clicks, and the image is captured. A prayer of thanks …

When my nose is cold, and my hands are numb it’s time to go back inside. Reconnect with family and loved ones …  Cozy sweaters, thick warm blankets, big mugs of hot cocoa or tea and the smells of cooking chili or stew warm the body and spirit. Candles and the warm glow of the fireplace. The feeling of permission to just cozy in and enjoy a book or movie in the short days of winter is such a simple but welcome joy.

So when my sister, or my daughter, both living in the southern U.S. comment on the great weather they are having I just laugh and agree. After all, sunny and 75 degrees is hard to beat, or is it? 


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