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The Little Things ...

June 25, 2018  •  2 Comments

A favorite quote of mine is:

“Enjoy the Little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the Big Things.”

This is what was on my mind, one ordinary late spring morning. Just myself, with my camera resting on the tripod. The rest of the necessary lens and filters close at hand and ready for use. All elements in my control in place. This location chosen a couple days earlier, for what I hoped would unfold.

As I waited, the lilting notes of songbirds filled the air. The fresh, gentle breezes fluttered the newly budded leaves on the trees around me, adding the welcome color of new green to the landscape. In keeping with my self challenge, I focused on mindfulness and living in the very moment I was a part of. Just taking it in. The aroma of near by blooming Lilacs, such a welcome scent. I was reminded of my mom’s love of the flower, and memories of my sister and I bringing them to her every spring on her birthday.

It was almost time. 

By God’s Grace, the dark, colorless sky would soon be transformed, as if painted with water colors, into soft pinks, yellows and oranges. The shutter on the camera would click. Several more clicks. Some adjustments made. A filter added. More clicks. Creating an image for others to enjoy. Then the sun would rise and the bright blue sky of dawn would emerge. A long, lazy day unfolding filled with warmth and promise. Sweet tea, corn on the cob, fresh, locally grown tomatoes for BLT’s, root beer popsicles, and home made lemon cookies, cook-outs with family and time spent on backyard yard patios, Farmers Markets, Just an ordinary day in central Wisconsin. I wouldn’t be anywhere else.


Mary Silvis(non-registered)
This is so beautifully said. I love the love you have for your photography and the love of the simple things in life. I love the lilac story and that you remember it’s my favorite flower and how as little girls you and Kim would bring me big bouquets in little hands and yes !!! The smell !!!. Thank you so much for sharing this with us....I just felt like I was right there..
Kimberly Kraimer(non-registered)
What an amazing moment you recreated with your words! I completely felt like I was right there, in that time and space, enjoying the solitude of the morning! Thank you for sharing and reminding us to enjoy and be conscious of all of life’s precious moments!
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